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Who Are the ‘Real L.A.’ Soccer Fans? ~ A Look At the Growing Rivalry of Galaxy vs. LAFC

The game was a test of wills in the nascent world of L.A. soccer’s two big houses, and a reflection of a changing city — the legacy club LA Galaxy against the upstart kids on the block, the Los Angeles Football Club. Their matches are quickly becoming a quest for bragging rights among the growing Major League Soccer fanbase in Los Angeles.
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Legendary Mexican Photographer Gets Her Own Graphic Novel

At 75 years old, Graciela Iturbide refuses to slow down. In fact, she’s about to become more relevant than ever. The legendary Mexican photographer will have her work displayed in two exhibits this month: at Scripps College “Revolution & Ritual: The Photographs of Sara Castrejon, Graciela Iturbide, and Tatiana Parcero” and the Hammer Museum’s “Radical Women: Latin American Art, 1965-1980”.
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Why More Indigenous Artists Are Using Hip-Hop to Reclaim Their Heritage

The links between hip-hop and indigenous people aren’t obvious at first. What could pop-locking, graffiti-tagging sneaker heads possibly have in common with peoples whose cultures date back centuries in the Western hemisphere? But as some of the artists performing at the Hip-Hop: First Peoples, New Voices event at Grand Performances explain it, the links and parallels are abundant in the music, the art, the narratives and the dances.
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For Venezuelan Rockers La Vida Bohème, La Lucha ("The Struggle") Continues

Henry D'Arthenay sits in the living room of his new apartment in Mexico City, thousands of miles from his hometown of Caracas, Venezuela. We're a few weeks shy of four years from when the singer-guitarist for Latin rock group La Vida Bohème spent two hours with me on Skype, explaining the massive protests in Caracas after an election placed the deceased Hugo Chavez's chosen successor, Nicolás Maduro, in the presidential seat.
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The historical battles that inspired Battlefield 1's Operations mode

It's no surprise that Battlefield 1 has raked in buckets of cash and praise in equal measures since its release in October. The latest installment of Electronic Arts' first-person shooter series introduced The Great War/World War I to the series' legions of fans, as well as a number of new, historically accurate weapons, vehicles, and new multiplayer modes.
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Meet Jorge Robledo, the Newcastle United Chilean Hero Immortalized by John Lennon

Chilean soccer player Jorge Robledo could never have guessed how his futbolero days in England would one day capture the imagination of a certain boy from Liverpool in 1952. Robledo and his club Newcastle United lifted the FA Cup trophy in May of that year over Arsenal, who they defeated thanks to Robledo’s goal – the only goal of the match.
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Gaming is No Longer a White Man’s World: Meet the Next Gen of Latin American Indie Developers

Latino gamers have been around as long as Atari. In fact, they are one of the primary drivers of the multi-billion dollar gaming industry; alongside African Americans, they play and purchase video games more than any other ethnic group in the US. And yet, according to a study by University of Southern California Professor Dmitri Williams titled The virtual census: Representations of gender, race and age in video games, 3% of video game characters were recognized as Latino in 2009, and of that 3%, less than 5% were actually playable.
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The 2 Biggest Lies About Immigrants In the U.S.

As the election cycle begins to run its course, a number of questionable statistics and myths surrounding a variety of hot-button topics are certain to crop up. Immigration, as Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has shown in recent weeks, continues to be one such topic. Many of Trump's claims are easily refutable as wild and offensive generalizations, with his most recent call Wednesday to deport America's more than 11 million undocumented workers, but no plan on how to do it, TIME reports.

A todo volúmen: así vivió Panamérika el Supersónico

Por Iván Fernández (a.k.a Afroxander) No sé las razones por las que los fans de la música alternativa de Latinoamérica en Los Ángeles tuvieron que esperar tanto tiempo para poder gozar de un festival como el Supersónico. Han sufrido por muchos años viendo a campos, estadios y salas promoviendo festivales con grupos de Rock en Español cuyos días alcanzaron sus puntos máximos al fin del siglo.
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Q&A: Mexican Institute of Sound, Making Political Music A Blast

Camilo Lara is the face and brains behind Mexican Institute of Sound / Instituto Mexicano del Sonido, a project born out of his love for mixtapes. His mixes led to original creations that were at first performed as DJ sets and later with a full band.
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Chilean Pop Gets Political at Multiply L.A. This Thursday

The bill at Red Bull Sound Select's show this Thursday at Multiply L.A. doesn't appear to be at all political at first glance. The event, which is part of Red Bull's annual 30 Days in L.A. series, features a trio of Chilean pop and indie artists. Javiera Mena will celebrate the 10-year anniversary of her debut album, Esquemas Juveniles, alongside her countrywomen Francisca Valenzuela and Marineros (the duo of Constanza Espina and Soledad Puentes).
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Schools Not Prisons: Buyepongo and Ceci Bastida Rally Against Mass Incarceration

Singer-songwriter Ceci Bastida has long championed political and social causes such as immigrant rights, the Zapatista movement and various issues concerning her native country of Mexico. Her most recent foray into activism, however, is undoubtedly her most personal. Bastida, who was educated in Mexico but now lives in L.A., only recently had to work to get her daughter into what she describes as the "insane" U.S. school system.
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Afroxander is the nom de guerre for writer/photographer Ivan Fernandez, based in Southern California. He currently writes for GameCrate, Remezcla LA, Remezcla Musica & LA Weekly. His work has also appeared in MTV Iggy, Red Bull Panamerika FM, Coachella CAMP magazine, and Voxxi.



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